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This article takes an in-depth look at vibration dampers.

The article provides a greater understanding of topics such as:

  • Construction and materials of metal shelves.
  • Types of metal shelves
  • Functions of metal shelves
  • Advantages of metal shelves
  • And much more…
Structure, types, advantages and functions. (1)

This chapter explains what metal shelving is, how it is built, and what materials are used for metal shelving.

What is a metal shelf?

The metal shelving is a storage space with compartments and divisions, which is used to store tools, equipment, books and files or some chemical products in laboratories. The metal shelving is an invention that provides storage solutions for various industries.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (2)

Construction of metal shelves.

In general, the construction of metal racks involves the design and sizing of the proposed metal racks. Then it includes the market research and the acquisition of the necessary materials, the marking and cutting of the materials. The materials are then welded together and the smoothing and filling work is done. The last step is to varnish to protect the shelf material. The metal shelf is manufactured cost-effectively and in line with the market.

Materials for making metal shelves

The different materials used in the manufacture of metal shelving include:

stainless steel

Steel is one of the most popular materials for making metal shelving. This is due to the properties of steel to be durable and versatile. Many businesses prefer stainless steel for their shelving as steel has been shown to be stronger than other shelving materials.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (3)

Stainless steel can withstand heavy weights and high temperatures and is safe to use. A good example is the food industry, where stainless steel shelving is chosen for its ability to support heavy loads of food and beverages. Plus, steel is easy to clean and less prone to damage. A quality bookcase can outlast other materials used for bookshelves.

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Steel is an alloy composed primarily of iron, tungsten, carbon, manganese, and chromium. The proportion of these elements within the steel alloy affects its strength. For example, high carbon steel means that it is much stronger than low carbon steel. Therefore, steel is a metal used for the manufacture of beverage cans and industrial shelving, widely used in various industries.

Below are the different properties of steel:

tensile strength

The tensile strength of a material is defined as the amount of stress the material can withstand from a rolling load. Steel has excellent tensile strength, so it won't crack or fracture easily.

ductility of steel

Although steel has a high tensile strength, it is also very ductile, which means that it can take a variety of shapes very easily without breaking. This also means that it is malleable and can be pressed into slabs of different thicknesses.

durable steel

As a hard alloy, steel has a very high resistance to general wear and therefore can be used for a variety of applications for long periods of time.

attractive shine

Steel has a shiny appearance, which makes it an attractive metal.

rust resistant

The oxidation resistance of steel is influenced by its composition. For example, stainless steel, which contains molybdenum, nickel, and chromium, has a high resistance to oxidation, making it a more durable material.


The chrome wire bookcase is a smooth, plated bookcase with an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Steel is used to form the wires and posts of the chrome wire shelves, giving them strength. Chrome wire shelves are exceptionally strong and can support up to 800 pounds. up to 48 inches. big. Because chrome wire shelving is reflective, it can brighten up a storage area and have a hygienically clean look.

A key factor regarding chrome wire shelving is how it allows water to channel through it to the bottom of a storage unit. This is important in terms of inspection and fire prevention.

The weight of the chrome wire shelf varies depending on the gauge of steel used in its construction. The various gauges of steel used to make wire shelving include 12G, 18G, 20G, and 22G, with higher numbers indicating lighter shelving units. For example, 12G shelves can support more than twice as much as 22G steel.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (4)

Chrome is also used in other facilities, including offices, dormitories, and shops, as well as display units and pantries. Chrome when used for shelving looks elegant and clean. Chrome wire shelving is a great option over stainless steel shelving if you're on a budget and can't afford stainless steel. This is because both materials have a long lifespan compared to other metals used for shelving.

wrought iron

Wrought iron is also one of the suitable metals for individual metal shelves. This type of metal is mainly used to make furniture due to its versatility, durability, and elegance in design. In addition to all these great properties of wrought iron, this metal also has the property of water resistance, can withstand any stress and is less prone to damage. Despite the high cost of wrought iron, it is worth using for your storage needs, such as making metal cabinets. Wrought iron is of good quality, reliable, and has an aesthetic appearance.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (5)


Many of the properties of aluminum are the same as those of steel. These properties include durability, ductility, and electrical and thermal conductivity.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (6)

Epoxy Coated Wire Shelves

The epoxy coating is baked into steel racks and columns and acts as an additional layer of protection. It is an ideal type of coating for food processing plants such as kitchens since it does not stain and prevents the development of bacteria.

Spray-on epoxy coating withstands cold temperatures and wet conditions. The added protection it offers makes wire shelving durable, reliable, secure and ideal for storing a wide variety of materials.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (7)

Other properties of aluminum are listed below:

light properties

Aluminum is a popular choice used in manufacturing industrial shelving simply because of its light weight, which means aluminum shelving is light and easy to manoeuvre. Furthermore, the strength of aluminum can be increased by changing the composition of the alloy.

corrosion resistant

Aluminum is inherently resistant to corrosion due to its protective oxide coating. Aluminum shelves are highly resistant to corrosion.

Waterproof and odorless

Aluminum shelves are waterproof and odorless; Therefore, it is a good choice for metal racks used in laboratories that store liquids.

recyclable properties

Aluminum is environmentally friendly and is known to be 100% recyclable and does not require a lot of energy to transform into something new. Therefore, aluminum shelves can be recycled.


Copper is an attractive metal that is also popular for making industrial shelving. It is a famous choice for interior design. Copper is very resistant to corrosion and is also strong and has high conductivity properties.

Other properties of copper are listed below:

non-magnetic property

Due to its non-magnetic property, copper is suitable for making metal storage shelves.

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antibacterial copper

Copper is known to contain bacteriostatic and fungicidal active substances. Due to the hygienic properties of copper, the spread of bacteria can be slowed down.

Chapter 2: Types of metal shelves

The different types of metal shelving include:

Clip-on Style Steel Shelves

In general, steel shelves are adjustable, affordable, and durable. These properties make it one of the most popular types of metal shelving in both industry and retail. Clip-style steel shelving offers all the qualities of steel and the added convenience of compression clips, meeting your needs and allowing for easy shelving installation.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (8)

Steel is capable of carrying heavy loads and has a long service life, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. However, steel shelves are mainly used to store boxes or store relatively small items. Still, clip-on steel shelving can store just about anything you need, as long as it's within the system's load capacity and the units are configured correctly. With fully adjustable height shelves, the steel shelves can handle items of most shapes and sizes.

trellis shelves

Bulk racking is the way to handle wide or bulky items for warehouse and distribution center owners. Bulk shelves are also known as big shelves; These systems are generally screwless, easy to assemble and adjust.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (9)

These systems are similar to standard pallet racking compared to other types of industrial metal racking. They are still made of horizontal beams and vertical posts. Wood, wire, or metal are options that can be used for these types of shelves. Bulk shelving is perfect when you need to store medium to heavy, extra-wide items.

no real

This type of rack is the best option for those who value durability and convenience. This is a unique design that does not require clips or screws, but will withstand heavy loads. It is also fully adjustable. However, keep in mind that there are many types of riveted zippers and some support heavier loads than others.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (10)

The actual shelves in rivet systems can be made from chipboard or metal wiring. Particleboard tends to be cheap, but unlike wire, it can be subject to extreme temperatures and humidity.


This type of shelving cannot bear the heavy loads that traditional storage shelving can bear. But it has better product visibility and better airflow. Of course, it cannot be said that wire shelves are only suitable for light items.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (11)

Industrial wire shelving can usually handle heavy loads with ease, but this just depends on the type of wire shelving used.

shelves without hardware

This type of bookstore is often classified as a backstage bookstore. These systems have all the advantages of ease of assembly and adjustment that most types of back room shelving have, as well as being extremely versatile. They can handle over 500 pounds in most cases and have a wide range of industrial uses outside of the back room and warehouse.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (12)

Boltless shelving can be a great option when you need to quickly change your storage layout. They can also be a good option if you simply want a shelving system that can be used temporarily and easily taken down.

screwless shelves

Boltless shelves meet heavy storage needs. It has a very versatile property and can be easily set up thanks to its screwless design.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (13)

The shelves are fastened with rivets instead of screws and nuts, and the shelves can be gradually adjusted according to storage needs.

mobile gift

Mobile shelves are preferred when space utilization is a priority. These systems mount to a track system with the ability to open individual aisles as needed and are among the most space efficient options. Often used in offices and warehouses, mobile shelving is designed to store files or small items.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (14)

One disadvantage of these systems is that the gears must be opened with a crank. This is time consuming and can be difficult depending on the weight of the items on the shelves. To solve this problem, a mechanized system will be installed. This mechanized system can be controlled from a terminal or computer, but this adds to the overall cost.

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This chapter discusses the various uses of metal shelving, including the differences between steel shelving and rivet shelving. It will also contrast wire and wood shelves for closet storage.

use of metal shelves

The various uses of metal bookcases include:

heavy object storage

Metal shelving is used to support heavy loads unlike plastic shelving or shelving made from other available materials. This means creating more space in a warehouse or warehouse, as items can be stacked higher using less space.

Storage of commercial documents.

Metal shelves are ideal for storing documents. Most companies fill bank bins with years gone by, which is why they are typically stored on wire racks. If metal shelves are used, the business does not have to worry about the shelves collapsing over time. It allows users to easily find and access relevant documents.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (15)

Controlled temperature/cold storage

Wire shelving is used in most industries because it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. In the IT department, it is ideal as a server rack or as a refrigeration unit in restaurants or supermarkets. Metal shelves allow less condensation and keep items cool due to continuous ventilation.

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Food storage in an eat-in kitchen

Wire shelving is used in many commercial kitchens. Because this type of rack allows for more airflow between shelves, food can stay fresh longer. Industrial and commercial kitchens store large quantities of fresh or frozen food that must be readily available. Mesh shelves bring the most suitable solution for this.

sale shelves

In addition to the weight and ventilation advantages metal shelving offers, it also offers a cleaner appearance when used in a retail setting. Due to its visual merchandising, it is standard in a retail environment.

Industrial chemicals safely protected

Most industrial environments use highly corrosive products for a variety of applications. Rack integrity is critical because if a rack fails, hazardous chemicals can create a dangerous situation. The barrels can be easily and safely stored on metal shelves. The labels are clearly visible on the metal shelves; so that you know the content and comply with all the regulations required for its storage and transport.

Storage of boxes and parts.

Versatile storage solutions are a must when running a workshop. Good visibility is provided with metal shelving, but bin systems can also be added to make it easier to keep track of smaller parts.


One of the most popular uses for metal bookcases is for general purpose. It is a common choice for setting up camp due to its durability, versatility, and visibility. Boxes with heavy parts or documents can be easily stored in one area, while everyday business items and consumables can be placed on other shelves.

hotel laundries

Metal shelves are ideal for storing clothing, cleaning supplies, and extra bedding. Shelves can even be mounted above washers and dryers to create more space.

Industrial Steel Shelves vs. Riveted Shelves

This section compares steel shelving with rivet shelving.

Industrial steel shelving

The other name for industrial steel shelving is clip-on shelving or metal shelving. For storage environments that require accessories such as dividers, modular drawers and cabinet doors to separate and organize products. Metal shelving is known for being easy to reconfigure for evolving workflows. This type of racking can be customized to meet the needs of your order picking process.

Steel support racking increases the load capacity per square foot of rack space compared to other types of racking. If there are situations where shelving is required in large quantities, the riveted shelving is the solution for storing boxes of products. Riveted shelves are a simple storage solution. Tools such as nuts and bolts are usually not needed with zip rivets.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (16)

The rivets on the shelf supports can slip and bind when connecting to their posts. Riveted shelves offer more height options than steel-supported shelves due to their design. Wire or chipboard decks sit on posts and beams to create a storage area.

Advantages of industrial steel racking

For warehouses and large storage facilities, industrial steel racking is the gold standard due to its efficient construction, durability, and high load capacity per shelf. Steel shelving has greater stability and strong structural integrity, allowing you to make the most of your storage space by storing larger items. The metal shelving configurations are open and closed. Steel open shelving has great accessibility and its strength is increased through the use of brackets for greater strength and stability. Due to the closed side and back walls, closed shelves offer more rigidity and support.

Advantages of steel racks

  • High quality steel that is durable.
  • Greater load capacity of the rack
  • Weight capacity can be easily adjusted by adjusting
  • Space is optimized by creating tiered storage structures
  • excellent access
  • Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for retail front-end applications

Disadvantages of steel shelves

  • It is slightly more expensive than rivet shelves.

no real

For storage, riveted shelves offer a versatile shelving style. Rivet Shelves feature a simple design of interlocking rivets and teardrop holes. This makes this type of shelf quick and easy to assemble without additional hardware and provides a stable storage solution.

Advantages of rivet shelves

  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • good access

Disadvantages of rivet shelves

  • not customizable
  • Storage apps are few
  • Shelves weight capacities are small

Both steel and rivet shelving have their place in the warehouse. However, the biggest advantage of steel shelving is its expandability. This means that creating multi-level platforms can be done by adding units on top of each other.

Comparison of Wire and Wood Shelving for Closet Storage

These days it can be difficult to come up with closet storage space, especially when the house is smaller. Therefore, to keep the house clean and organized, in addition to maintaining sanity, it is essential to make the most of this space. The type of shelving you use can make a big difference. You can choose between two types, which are wire or wooden shelves. Both types of shelving have their pros and cons, and often one type is better suited to a particular cabinet than another.


For so many different areas of the home, the wire bookcase is the perfect choice. Whether it's pantry, garage or storage room. Wire shelves are constructed of industrial-grade steel and then epoxy-coated to provide a smooth, durable finish. With an epoxy coating, the shelves are prevented from rusting; They won't fade or peel. Plus, it doesn't get sticky over time and is resistant to chipping, corrosion and chemicals.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (17)

Wire shelves not only last a long time, but also provide plenty of ventilation. These vented systems provide better airflow, better visibility of stored items, won't warp or collect moisture, are extremely durable and require no maintenance. This makes them the best solution for places where a lot of air circulation is needed, such as. B. linen closets, pantries or shoe cabinets.

Another great benefit of wire shelving is that you can choose from a variety of styles and depths. They are also fully customizable for whatever area they are needed for. Wire shelves can be used in small hallway closets to provide the best storage for extra towels or blankets without worrying about dirt or dust buildup.

shelf of wood

The wooden bookcase is another good type of bookcase that can be used in different areas of the house. The wooden bookcase is highly durable, robust and offers many finishing options. If you want a more sophisticated look for your cabinets, wooden shelves are your best bet.

There are a number of design possibilities with wood, and it generally looks good in any setting. Wood can be combined with almost any decoration; Therefore, it is a great versatile option for shelving. This works well with a dresser, as wood is an inexpensive way to achieve a sleeker design. Also, like any other bookcase, wood can be customized to fit any closet in any home.

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Wood can also be visually appealing, but it requires a bit more maintenance. Wood does not have the ventilation properties of wire shelving, so some more dust removal is necessary. Also, the place where you have wooden shelves should not be exposed to too much humidity or heat, as this can warp the wood and cause cracks. If someone chooses wooden shelves, then you need to understand that this requires a little more care.

In order for your wooden shelves to last longer, you need to take the time to keep your wooden shelves in good condition. A tip when using wooden shelves is to leave the heaviest items on the edges. This reduces the chance of sagging or warping.

Chapter 4: Advantages of metal shelves

Metal shelves can have multiple uses, such as:

  • kitchens
  • wardrobes
  • bedroom
  • workshops
  • Work hard
  • classroom

The following sections discuss the benefits of metal shelving.

Disadvantages of metal shelves

Metal shelves have notable disadvantages, which can be:

prohibitive cost

Because industrial shelving is made of strong, durable steel and built to last, it is more expensive than other types of storage shelving. For small warehouse operations with low volume or limited storage space, steel racking may not be the best option for your warehouse.


In addition to being durable, steel shelving is not easy to take down or reconfigure. The installation process for steel shelving is more complex than other types of shelving that require welding for added support and strength. This makes steel shelving difficult to reconfigure when you need to change or expand your storage layout.

However, these disadvantages of metal shelving are outweighed by the advantages of metal shelving.

Advantages of metal shelves

The advantages of metal shelves are:

customizable shelves

Wire shelves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Examples of popular finishes include nickel chrome, zinc plated, antimicrobial, and black and white epoxy finishes.

Because wire shelves can be easily customized, there are many designs available. Modern bookcases can include a gold finish with brown wooden shelves.

For simple shelving, consider a stylish white epoxy wire rack. Metal shelves are easy to paint, making customization easy. Metal shelving is also available in various forms such as closet organization, freestanding shelving, kitchen island, wire shelving, etc. There is always a unit that is exactly tailored to your needs. The metal shelf is also reconfigurable in case someone changes their mind about the structure of the shelf.

Structure, types, advantages and functions. (18)

durable shelves

metal shelves; Wire shelving, in particular, requires much less maintenance than wooden shelving. Wood shelving often needs refinishing over time, and because it is scratched, dented and warped by the elements, it needs regular care. Wire shelves, on the other hand, only require an occasional quick clean because they don't collect as much dust. Most wire shelves can hold around 200 pounds, depending on the design. But there are also industrially welded shelves that can carry up to 800 kilos.

cleaning metal shelves

With metal shelving, especially wire shelving, there are spaces between each individual wire. This means that less dust accumulates over time and less cleaning is required. Because less cleaning is required, you don't have to take everything off the shelves every time you want to give it a deep clean. Wire shelves do pretty much all the work for you, so dust can fall off and therefore collect on the floor, making the surface much easier to clean. Wire shelves are durable, functional, and clean.

asset protection

The goods are stored on shelves and therefore do not come into contact with the warehouse floor, and the packaging of the goods is guaranteed not to be damaged.

Reduce time costs

Sorted merchandise can be grouped for easy positioning and access. This reduces the time required and therefore labor costs.

Improve warehouse entry efficiency

Storage racks can be used in conjunction with lifts and forklifts, increasing check-in and check-out efficiency.

Full use of overhead space

The height of the shelves can be adjusted according to the unused ceiling space of the warehouse, and the products can be placed in a high place without stacking them as before.

Anti-theft device

Because the products are clearly and precisely placed, counting the products is convenient, and the shelves are clear and easy to see at a glance so that no one steals.


Metal shelves are a great solution when storage space is limited. It's durable so it can handle big loads. There are different types of metals that can be used to build a metal bookcase, including steel, copper, wrought iron, etc. Each type of metal offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Metal shelving has proven to be stronger than other types of shelving in terms of the amount of loads it can carry.

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