Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (2023)

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (1)

I love my apps and widgets, but I hate clutter. It drives me crazy having to spend several minutes looking for an app on my iPhone. To solve this problem, I've put together some tips and tricks to help you organize and easily access your apps and data. Let's take a look at the best ways to organize your iPhone home screen.

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  • How to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen
  • Here's how to fix it when you accidentally get rid of something you need

How to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

There are many ways to customize and organize your iPhone's home screen, dock, and folders. Here are my favorite methods for cleaning up clutter, making it easier to find, and adding a bit of visual appeal to your iPhone's Home screen.

Follow these tips in order; They are configured so that by walking through them, you have already minimized the number of steps required to complete subsequent steps. I also recommend thinking carefully about what you want to achieve with your canvas as you browse them.verLike. The first thing you notice about the screen is the look and flow. Next, see if it's easy or hard to find what you're looking for.

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Don't worry if you mess up and organize at any stage! there is onesection at the endto help you undo key iPhone organization steps in case you change your mind or accidentally delete something you need. When you're done, sign up for freeTip of the dayNewsletter for more guides on managing your digital life.

1. Organize your iPhone home screen by customizing the iPhone dock

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (2)
did you know you canCustomize what appears on your iPhone's Dock? This is a great starting point for organizing your iPhone's home screen. You can choose exactly which apps appear in the sticky menu bar at the bottom of the home screen, a tip that has made my life so much easier. As a bonus, you can evenPlace a folder in your Dockfor easy access! It's where I keep my productivity folder so I never have to scroll through home screen pages to find it when I'm in a hurry.

2. Add widgets that save space and look great

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (3)

I freely admit that I am obsessed with it.Widgets. My main home screen is full of widgets and I rearrange them based on what I think is best at any given time. you can usewidget stackto save space, or you can just choose Apple orthird party widgetsgiving you the information you need without having to open the app. If you're looking for even more customization of your widgets, we canRecommend an app called Widgetsmith.

My favorite home screen widget is thissmart battery, which predicts what I need based on my activity. It gives me music options at times of day when I tend to play background music from my iPhone, suggests news articles every day when I normally sit on the couch and relax while reading the headlines, and even reminds me text messages from my mom mother in the afternoon, when I usually have contact with her.

3. Organize your apps alphabetically

If you want your home screen to be neat and simple, alphabetizing your apps is one of the best ways to organize an iPhone home screen. The good news is that you don't have to manually sort your apps as there is a simple trick to sort them alphabetically automatically. As a result, native Apple apps appear first in non-alphabetical order. Then your third-party apps will be listed alphabetically. If you have widgets on your home screen, remember that following the steps below will remove them. To sort your apps:

  1. open thissettings appand typeGenerally.Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (4)
  2. HitDownload iPhone reset.Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (5)
  3. Hitrestore to defaults.Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (6)
  4. HitReset home screen layout.Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (7)

This allows you to easily find a specific application.

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Did you know?

CanQuickly navigate between apps and your home screenwith this trick!

4. Remove unnecessary apps and bookmarks from the home screen.

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (8)

Of course, deleting icons is key when it comes to organizing your iPhone's home screen. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's multifaceted as iOS 16 allows users to remove items from the home screen or wipe them entirely from the device. I scan items on my home screen about once a month (yes I hate clutterOa lot) and see if I've saved any Safari bookmarks I no longer need, or if I have any apps I thought I'd use but don't. If I want to keep the app on my iPhone, I just need toremove it from my home screenbut don't delete it from my phone. If I want to remove it entirely, I'll go ahead andremove from my iPhone.

5. Automatically download new apps to the app libraryOrganize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (9)

When you download apps, they automatically appear on the Home screen or on a back screen of apps on your iPhone. As a result, the home screen can quickly fill up with apps. Fortunately, you can prevent apps from taking over your home screen.Automatically download new apps to the app library.

6. Hide Infrequently Used Apps in the App Library to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (10)

The App Library can be both a blessing and a curse. I treat my app library like a vault. Inside are the things that I don't want to completely get rid of, but I don't want lying around for everyone to see. Complaints about the app library often center around the fact that it's huge and poorly organized. Your iPhone handles app sharing in the App Library; Users cannot move apps on it.

Don't worry, it's still very easy to navigate as it comes with a search feature. That means you canHide apps in the app libraryto remove them from the home screen but still be able tofind it when you need it.

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7. Organize your iPhone home screen by arranging the required apps in foldersOrganize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (11)

Whether your apps are scattered across home screen pages or jumbled together in a maze of fewer pages, you can appreciate the relief that comes with it.Sort apps into folders. When I organize my app folders, I give myself the same advice I give my son when he declutters his room: Organizing items in bins will make them much easier to find later, and they'll still look neat on the outside. Whatever works, right?

Folders can be named and organized however you like! I used to organize my DVD shelves by color because I'm a very visual person, so of course I organize apps that way too.

Other themes for organizing folders are Social, Business, Creative, Home, Health, Kids, Education, Games, and Home.

You can be as creative as you want! if you have todelete apps folder, You can also do this.

8. Hide or show splash screens

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (12)

If you have a lot of apps or folders that you need to keep but don't use often, and don't need to scroll or search often, you're in good company.

The solution is to create an Apps page that you can quickly access without searching, but that you don't have to flip through as you scroll through your home screen pages. Once you have all the apps and folders you rarely use on one page, you canHide this page in an easy to find placeIf you need it, it's there and it only takes a few seconds to restore it. Essentially, it's a compromise between hiding apps (making them harder to find) and leaving a collection of apps or folders on the last page of the home screen. CanRestore hidden home pageand browse apps at any time without losing the organization you've invested so much time in.

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9. Organize your iPhone home screen by customizing your app icons

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (13)

Earlier in this article, we talked about how much the aesthetics of your home screen contribute to the perception of your organization. This may sound silly, but customizing app icons can trick your mind into thinking your iPhone is neater than it really is. Using a common color scheme or theme style for app icons makes things more cohesive and reduces the confusing effects of a cluttered home screen. CanCreate custom app icons with the Shortcuts app, which is an easy option if you don't want to download a third-party app. Or, you can find and download a third-party app icon customization app from the App Store.

10. Change your home screen or lock screen background

Organize Your iPhone's Home Screen With These 10 Tips (iOS 16) (14)

Last but not least, choose someone else.Background for your home screenyou can completely change your appearance. Choose one that always makes you smile when you see it and won't be hampered by the method you choose to organize your icons and folders on your home screen. With iOS 16 there are also many fun new options to customize your lock screen and give it a unique look. For now, I've decided on a pretty simple wallpaper of my dog ​​Scarlet.


    Here's how to fix it when you accidentally get rid of something you need

    oops! Accidentally deleted a required app? No problem. If you've crossed the line and taken your organization a little too far, here are some solutions to the most common problems:

    • Redownload a deleted app
    • Find the hidden app and restore it
    • Retrieve apps from the app library
    • Edit or fix a Smart Stack widget

    Now that you know the best tips for organizing your iPhone screens, feel free to play around with them and see what works best for you!

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