How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (2023)

Storage spaces are essential. One way to create good storage space is to add a nice dresser. Additional drawers can help you store fabrics, threads, sewing tools and more. The extra space allows you to stay organized and ease your sewing time.

How to pull drawers out of Ikea Alex drawers: It's a hassle to pull out a drawer and have it pull out all the way when you don't want to. That's why Ikea and other furniture manufacturers put stops on their drawers. These latches must be removed before removing the drawer.

To learn more about the Ikea Alex and its drawer system, continue reading our article. Explore the topic so you know how to remove Ikea Alex drawers effortlessly. And all without any effort.

Ikea Schublade Alex 101

Are Alex drawers from Ikea?

How to remove Alex drawers from Ikea

Can Ikea Alex drawers be stacked?

How deep are the Ikea Alex drawers?

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How tall and wide are the Ikea Alex drawers?

How much do Ikea Alex drawers cost?

Fix hard to open drawer Ikea Alex

How to remove the drawers from the Ikea dresser

How to remove drawers from an Ikea closet

some final words

Are Alex drawers from Ikea?

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (1)

There is a yes and a no answer to this question. Because Ikea manufactured the Alex drawer system as is, the drawers don't open fully when you pull them out. This is to protect you and the contents from cluttering up your room.

But the drawers come out when you remove the locks on the drawers and prevent them from being taken out of their crib. Drawer latches only protect you from pulling on the drawer too hard. To pull the drawer out fully, you must remove the drawer lock.

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Once you've done that, you can easily remove the drawers from their place. Drawer stops should be your friend and not cause problems when you need to get behind the drawers and fix some problems there.

How to remove Alex drawers from Ikea

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (2)

The only tool needed to remove the Alex drawer is a Phillips screwdriver. This lonely tool tells you it will only be a few minutes before you can remove the drawer from the closet.

About 6 inches from the drawer front you can see a screw on each side of the drawer. Take your Phillips screwdriver and remove the two screws. Once that's done, you can just pull the drawer out.

Just reverse the process if you don't want the drawers to come out all the way. These two screws are just drawer stops and will not affect the drawer assembly in any way. You can remove them without worrying about damaging Alex.

The screws are just as easy to put back in place, so there's no mess or hassle for you.

Can Ikea Alex drawers be stacked?

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (3)

According to the assembly instructions, it is not possible to stack the Ikea Alex drawers. A unit is designed to support the weight of its contents only, not the weight of another set of drawers. If you want to see or need the assembly instructions, Just click here.

On the last page is a picture of Alexes stacked with a large X on the picture which clearly says these drawers cannot be stacked. However, you can stack the Alex on a sturdy table or other supporting piece of furniture.

Just make sure the furniture you are using is sturdy and strong enough to hold the Ikea Alex. Stacking isn't always a good idea as it poses some risk to anyone entering your room or sewing area. Be careful not to let the top drawers fall on you.

How deep are the Ikea Alex drawers?

The overall depth of the Ikea Alex is 22 7/8 making it just under 2 feet deep. You need to consider the widths of the front and back panels that make up the drawers. You're looking for about 3/4 to 1 inch to subtract from the total depth.

A rough estimate would be that the depth of the drawer is about 21 7/8 or 22 1/8 inches. There's still plenty of room to store and organize your various sewing supplies, fabrics and tools. With 5 drawers, you should have plenty of storage and organization options.

How tall and wide are the Ikea Alex drawers?

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (4)

The overall height of the drawers is 27 1/2 inches and the overall width of the drawer set is 14 1/8 inches. If you need the height and width of each drawer, the same calculations as w= above will work to measure the net width of each drawer.

You will need to remove the width of the sides of the Ikea Alex as well as the width of the sides of the drawer to get an accurate measurement. Each Alex drawer appears to be divided into two different heights.

The top two drawers are smaller than the bottom three, and each set of drawers is the same height. To get the actual measurement you would need to use a tape measure.

Ö IKEA Website there doesn't seem to be any specific measurements for each drawer.

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How much do Ikea Alex drawers cost?

If you visit the Ikea website at the link above, you'll find that the company recently reduced the price of the Alex to $79. It used to be $89. Don't forget to add any shipping and handling costs that Ikea may add to the price. sale.

This price is for a set of 5 drawers without wheels. If you want the 9 drawer cabinet pay $159. Alex 4 drawersoffice hoursThe set costs $99. All these models are without wheels.

We mention caster wheels because there seems to be an Alex model with this feature. We just couldn't find a price for it. All of Alex's cabinets appear to be well priced at Ikea.

If you don't want to buy new furniture, you should look around at used furniture stores or thrift stores to see if you can find one in a reasonable shape and at the price you prefer.

Fix hard to open drawer Ikea Alex

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (5)

There will be times when even an Ikea Alex has problems. Usually these difficulties in opening and closing thedrawers🇧🇷 For simple repairs like jammed paper or pencils, erasers, etc., all you have to do is remove the drawer stops and then remove the jammed item.

This is the simplest and most common solution that you will face. Sometimes when your house or room is very humid, the drawers can swell and become difficult to open and close. In this case, you should dehumidify the area and see if the swelling goes down.

This may not always be the case, and if moisture causes your drawers to warp, you will need to replace the drawer or buy another cabinet. If you can live with drawers in their less than perfect condition, leave them alone.

A final place to check would be the drawer slides. The wheels following these tracks may have a problem. For example, they were bent or broken. In such cases, you need to replace those wheels.

If the rails are cracked or bent you can try unfolding them, but replacing them is a better option.

How to remove the drawers from the Ikea dresser

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (6)

You needed about 3-4 tools to assemble the Ikea Alex. You may not need all four tools when removing the drawers. In fact, you might only need one, and that would be the Phillips screwdriver.

After removing the screws that are preventing the drawers from sliding all the way out of the crib, you should be able to pull the drawers all the way out to free them and set them aside. You can then pursue the goal that prompted you to remove the drawers in the first place.

Replacing the drawers is just as easy. Just make sure you replace those 2 screws after you put the drawer back in place. You can't use lube to remove the drawers unless they slide very well.

Wood building materials will absorb the lubricant and potentially become damaged if it absorbs too much. Lubricants are liquid and do not tolerate wood products.

How to remove drawers from an Ikea closet

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (7)

The same process should be applied to the Ikea cabinet drawers used in the Ikea Alex. The cabinet drawers, and this does not apply to all Ikea cabinet models, use the slide or rail system.

(Video) How to: Ikea Alex Drawers Extend All The Way Out!

All you have to do is remove the top of the drawers to completely remove them from your crib. It seems that cabinets with plastic or open boxes that act as drawers also work with the system of rails or rails.

The difference with this last set of drawers is that plastic or wire drawers just need to be lifted off these rails. Tilt the end closest to you up and gently but firmly pull back and that should work.

Assembling the Ikea Alex and other Ikea products

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (8)

For larger items, you really should ask a friend, spouse, or children to help you assemble it. These pieces of furniture have long pieces that require more than a hand or two to manipulate them in place and hold them in place while you attach all the pieces.

The Ikea website has included the assembly instructions on the web pages showing the details of each product. Just click on the product you want to buy or have already bought and scroll until you see the words Assembly and Documents.

Click on these words and you will see the button to access the assembly instructions. Each manual has a different length and this length depends on the size of the product you want to assemble.

here is the connection for one of the cabinets already mentioned and here is the one in the Plastic or wire drawer system🇧🇷 If you're missing Alex's assembly instructions, don't worry. We have already linked to this guide in a previous section.

Ikea has worked hard to ensure you are never without assembly instructions. Each manual also tells you what tools and how many tools you need to properly assemble your products.

Ikea refund and warranty policy

How to remove drawers from Ikea Alex drawers (useful guide) (9)

This company seems to have a pretty generous refund policy. You have a full year to return your Ikea products if you are not satisfied with them. You remove the item from the product if it is clean, undamaged, etc. as long as you have proof of purchase. read your policy in this link.

Ikea also offers a 10-year limited warranty on many of its products. This coverage begins on the day of purchase and requires proof of purchase for usage. Ikea provides the coverage and they determine whether the product is covered or not.

You can read about their guarantee. in this link.

some final words

If you have a sewing hobby or business, you need storage space. One of the ways to get great storage and organization is to use the Ikea Alex to store your spare sewing tools and supplies.

Unfortunately, Ikea doesn't make perfect products, so there will be times when you need to remove the drawers for them to function normally. It's not hard to do and usually only removes 2 screws.

Once that's done, the drawers should slide out the way you want them. Reversing the process is just as easy and shouldn't take any more time.

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