How to install a wire closet organization system (2023)

RON HAZELTON: We're in West Bloomfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. We're here to bring order to Betsy and Kurt Schneider's lives. At least in the bedroom closet. They asked for help to make the most of the space they have.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: There's no order, there's no structure. There's just something to hang and then some shelves to store and I really need more organization to find things and store them better.

KURT SCHNEIDER: It really needs some organization.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: Come into my closet. Please.

RON HAZELTON: Oh, nice big closet. Yeah, there's a lot of options here guys, you've wasted a lot of space, we can do a lot better than that. Are you going to keep all the shoes?

BETSY SCHNEIDER: Every one of them.

RON HAZELTON: All couples?

BETSY SCHNEIDER: All of them, yes.

RON HAZELTON: Okay, special storage for shoes, okay?

BETSY SCHNEIDER: You bet, you bet.

RON HAZELTON: Okay, let's find some clothes and get them out, and then let's get started.


RON HAZELTON: Are you sure we can't remove some of those shoes?

BETSY SCHNEIDER: None, I need all of them.

RON HAZELTON: I'm going up here, okay?

KURT SCHNEIDER: I use a handful here as well.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: All right, trip number one.

KURT SCHNEIDER: You haven't worn that dress in a long time.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: I still do. In order.

KURT SCHNEIDER: Look at these ties. I probably carry around four of them.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: I think you should remove them.

RON HAZELTON: Now let's get all the shelves out of here, shall we?


RON HAZELTON: Just open it with your hand, I think it will come out.


RON HAZELTON: Yeah, it's actually cut in two. Push it all the way. good muscle. Just leave it there, Kurt.


RON HAZELTON: Let's get this out there, Betsy. Here, yes, take this end first. ACCORDINGLY. Push it up all the way, okay, we're clear on that side, Kurt, are you still online?

KURT SCHNEIDER: Yeah, I'm still stuck.

RON HAZELTON: Right. Don't let no hole in the wall stop me. Okay, pull it out, let go now, let go, this will loosen the nails over there at the end, let's go.


RON HAZELTON: Right. Okay, now you know what to do?


KURT SCHNEIDER: We take over from here.

RON HAZELTON: That's all yours.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: Okay, got it?




RON HAZELTON: Now let's scrape off those burrs right here where the paint was next to the wood we just removed. This is a paint scraper, beautiful and sharp. This will do a good job of taking him down right away. Okay, Kurt, try this wall over here.

KURT SCHNEIDER: Okay, I'll try.


RON HAZELTON: Okay, Betsy, come over here, I'll let you patch over here.


RON HAZELTON: Let me show you a couple of things here. This is clay, interior clay, the idea is that you want to flatten it with the knife, you will stick it in the holes and go down to the end.


RON HAZELTON: And then hold the spatula at a 45 degree angle and remove the tip like this so you don't leave any excess here, okay?


RON HAZELTON: Let's try it here.


RON HAZELTON: Well, try it here.


RON HAZELTON: Stick it in the hole, good and then, great. After the putty knife dries and we've sanded down the high spots, Betsy and Kurt put on a coat of paint to hide the wall repairs. Then we can finally assemble the shelves. Can you believe it's really dark outside?


KURT SCHNEIDER: Great, I'm ready.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: It's about time.

RON HAZELTON: We've done a lot of prep work here, okay anyway, today we're going to install a fully adjustable shelving system, which means you can adjust it up and down and side to side and all. it starts with that bar hanging over here, so what is it about? I beg you if you can keep this ending, Kurt.


RON HAZELTON: And you anticipated my next move, Betsy.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: Very well, absolutely.

RON HAZELTON: You're holding this end here. We're going to attach this to the top. Most houses have a horizontal 2x4 that goes right here and runs along the roof and we're going to screw that down. That's about a number 2 inches, oh god, at least a number 12 screw in there, maybe even a 14. We're going here. I drilled a small hole there because the wood is so dry in this house. Here it is. Okay, now let's put one of these every 20 cm on this strip. What makes this ClosetMaid system so adaptable is this little adapter right here. Fits on top of standard shelf, just clip here. And then this fits over the rail that we just installed. You see now, this pattern can slide back and forth so you can place it anywhere.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: So we can change that.

KURT SCHNEIDER: It's about the width of the shelves.

RON HAZELTON: Absolutely, and they can be up to 24 inches apart. The shelf support complies with this standard. I'm only posting this here temporarily. And then, somewhere in the heap, the shelf will disappear.


KURT SCHNEIDER: Great, I understand how it works.

RON HAZELTON: Well, we want to keep them from rocking back and forth, so we're going to put a screw in here, so we don't have to carry the weight, because all of this is going to be drilled through the rail that hangs at the top. . for this, make sure that they do not move from side to side. So let's find the layer here, let's go over there and let's (INAUDIBLE) put a mark here, let's see if you can hold it, actually hold it on this side if you want.


RON HAZELTON: Now let's drill a quarter inch hole here. Insert the plastic bushing, turn it over and drive a screw through here. And take. Betsy installed the remaining screws in minutes. The next step is to attach the shelf brackets to the pegs. Now Betsy and Kurt must decide how to organize their closet to best suit their needs. Once the patterns are in place, the shelves can be clamped and secured in place. A screw cutter makes it easy to cut shelves. Just let me point something out here, these spikes, once you cut them off, they're pretty rough, they can tear your clothes, so get those little plastic tabs that should come with your rack, they slide right over the clipped tip like that to give a beautiful finishing detail. For shoe storage, these triangular plastic shelves support inverted shelves. The inverted edge of the shelf prevents shoes from sliding down. Now all you have to do is snap the hanging bars into place and roll them into our sliding storage basket. Do you believe that? We turn closet chaos into closet order in just a few hours. Betsy and Kurt, this is fantastic. Look at the extra space you have here. You're not using half the shelves we're building for you right now.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: That's wonderful.

RON HAZELTON: And you, you've got a coat rack full of clothes over here that you haven't used yet.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: That's wonderful.

RON HAZELTON: I just want to say it's been a pleasure working with you both.


RON HAZELTON: You know, you did a great job. Very handsome.

BETSY SCHNEIDER: Thanks for your help.

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