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Written by megan EApril 16, 2014This post may contain affiliate links.

When I renovated Henry's dresser/compartment in the bedroom (read all about itHERE), its drawers were also in desperate need of a cleaning and sorting session! Winter and too-small clothes are gone, and your new three-year-old summer wardrobe has been moved to the bottom drawers for your own access. In ourancient atmosphere, we use linen bins to store everything from socks to hats and shoes; But in this final transformation, those containers were no longer needed! However, it didn't take long for me to go crazy with H's socks, booties, and "accessories" floating around in a single drawer. While my instinct was to add a drawer organizer to my shopping list, I knew I could make my own version of things I had around the house! If you have drawers that need a touch of organization, try these easy cardboard drawer dividers and decorative shelf liner.

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (1)

supplies are needed

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (2)

  1. corrugated cardboard
  2. X-Act-Messer
  3. self adhesive shelf insert
  4. flexible measuring strap
  5. Linear Robust

Measure and cut DIY drawer dividers

First, measure the inside dimensions of the drawer you're organizing (width, depth, and height). Make sure you get accurate measurements here; You want the organizers to fit snugly so that they stand upright and don't move when you open and close the drawer.

Then cut two rectangles out of somecorrugated cardboard(I had some leftovers from a few projects, but feel free to use whatever sturdy boxes you have around the house.) TOMesser x-actYrobust linebe helpful here. Cut the two rectangles to the height of the drawer (my rectangles were 6 cm high, the same height as the drawer). For the width of each rectangle, cut one to the depth of the drawer and the other to the width of the drawer, as shown in the figure:

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (3)

Decorate Your DIY Drawer Dividers

To make this project super easy, I could just put them in the drawer and call it a day, but I have some green striped contact paper left.HEProject where I decided to give the drawer a fun pattern. (HeIt's the contact paper I used. It looks like the striped pattern is no longer available, but there are many other patterns you can try!)

My method for covering things like this is pretty simple: Start by cutting a rectangular sheet of self-adhesive paper about an inch wide and an inch taller than the cardboard rectangle. Trim the corners with scissors and fold the ends to the other side of the rectangle.

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (4)

Then cut a rectangle about 1/2" shorter than the height and width of the cardboard rectangle and place it over the back of the rectangle to cover the creases on the first side.

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (5)

Assemble and insert your DIY drawer divider

The final step is to assemble and insert the drawer dividers. Find the center of each rectangle and cut a slit in the middle of the board. Then insert one rectangle inside the other and adjust your cuts (if necessary) so that the two rectangles are the same height.

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (6)

If you've measured correctly, the cardboard dividers should fit snugly in your drawer and stay in place with no issues.

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (7)

The final step is to fill the drawer and take advantage of the organization where there was none before!

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (8)

Sometimes simple projects like this can make a big difference. This little update cost me nothing and took about 10 minutes. But the result is more convenience when it comes to storing clothes or quickly locating socks and shoes when going out!

DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You Have!) (9)

Just FYI: My original plan was to line every drawer in this closet with the same green and white paper (you know me, I love having a pattern on my drawers so I hate to post these pics without posting them!), I thought I had cling paper enough, but I found (after this project) that my roller was lighter than I thought and only had enough for one drawer. Nonsense. I decided to wait and see if I could find more or a different pattern that would match the color scheme of her room. Will continue I think!

Updated on 10/2019:I recently improved this project by adding stability via self-adhesive cable clips! This update makes this project even more robust and effective for dividing your drawers! See by clicking below!

I'm hosting Easter this year and there isn't a hint of Easter or spring decor here, time to look into that. I hope to have a spring update here by the end of the week. Until then!

See you soon!

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  1. gojimin1 Responder

    Thanks for this post. So easy and exactly what I was looking for. I will try... 🙂

  2. Anonymous Responder

    excited to try this out! I have a lot of things I don't use

  3. HomePro-Ware Responder

    Great DIY post! We just shared it on our pinterest drawer organizer board. Thanks!

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  10. sophia Responder

    I loved it, it's time to renew my kitchen drawers!!

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  18. Linnea Lahlum Responder

    What is colored cardboard? Do you mean pre-printed with a pattern? If you want to cover it, why does it have to be colored? Thanks.

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  24. DULCE Responder

    The problem I had was that the first layer of contact paper didn't stick to the cardboard so I had to glue it.

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  26. Debbie Responder

    Thanks for sharing this, it was very helpful! Getting ready to have a baby soon and organizing her dresser. The only defect I had was that when I started using none of them was perfect in the drawers as in your photos. They were too long and bent one way or another to fit, or I cut them a bit and they were too small and bent. I'll probably tuck them inside the drawer of something. But this was really helpful, saved me a lot of money, thanks for posting!

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