22 different types of shelves for your home (2023)

22 different types of shelves for your home (1)

Classified by material, use, fastening type and more, see all the different types of shelving you can install in your home.

No matter how many advancements in technology or how many smarter, cutting-edge home renovations are made, there are some things that can never be replaced, let alone removed completely. For example shelves.

Shelves are among the most important household appliances that have been used since time immemorial.

Shelves are indispensable in every house because they help to keep the place clean and tidy, storing various things like books, clothes and many other items that are lying around on the floor.

in addition to providingstoreTo free up space and keep your home tidy, a proper shelving system also allows you to decorate and beautify your home, proudly displaying impressive decorations and decorations that are usually hidden around the house.Roof.

Although the shelf was first used in the 8th centuryANDDating back to the 20th century and consisting of a simple panel transformed into a vertical surface, today there are literally countless types of shelves available to the common man.

So if you're looking for storage options for your home, check out this complete guide to the different types of shelving to choose from.

Although it is impossible to cover alldifferent types of shelvesThe following article lists the most common types, categorized by material, fastening type, and the purpose for which they are best suited.

Read on to find out.

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Different types of shelves

Rack and Installation Styles

Support fixed shelves (hanging shelves)

The fixed support bookcase is perhaps the oldest type of bookcase that has been in use for a long time (and is still just as common today).

As the name suggests, they consist of individual "clips" that are "attached" to the surface on which the shelf will be placed. Brackets are usually made of metal and are shaped like an inverted L.

They are attached to a wall or any vertical surface, and then the shelves are placed on the other "arm" of the support device.

As we mentioned that categories can overlap, the same goes for fixed support shelves. This category often includes several other types such as open storage racks,cube shelves, shelving, and anything that attaches to a wall with brackets and brackets

It is used to store various items. The fixed support shelving system can consist of a single freestanding unit or a combination of two or more shelves placed together (using additional supports) to form a multi-unit storage system.

be fourth,salad, study rooms or even offices, the reason why this type of bookcase is so used is that it is very versatile. Not only are they available in different materials like metal, wood, plastic, etc., but also in different styles.

Fixed Support Shelves can be purchased as is (i.e. pre-assembled and ready for direct or hinged wall mounting) or you can purchase your choice of shelves, shelves and brackets and then attach them yourself.

A similar type of shelving system (floating shelves) is often confused with a fixed support system, but the main difference is that with floating shelves, the suspension point is not visible, whereas with fixed support systems, the support is usually prominent.

That's really not a bad thing, especially since there are now a wide range of stylish brackets for homeowners to choose from. These can feature carved wood mounts, wrought iron in intricate designs, and more.

With the right kind of material complemented by the right kind of supports, this type of shelving system can offer a lot of functionality with style.

floating shelves

If you don't belong to the rare, nay, non-existent, minority of non-observant people, you'll agree that floating shelving is, without a doubt, the most stylish and elegant shelving system out there.

Also known as twist box shelves, these shelves are a truly extraordinary way to keep your items organized, turning them into unique and fascinating decorative pieces.

floating shelvesThey are similar to fixed brackets or hanging shelves in that they also come in different designs and shapes and need to be attached to a wall or other necessary surface.

But the main difference that separates floating shelves from fixed support shelves and makes them a preferred option over the others is that, unlike fixed shelves, where the nails and screws that secure the shelf to the wall are clearly visible, the equipment attachment is hidden in floating shelves.

And it goes without saying that this very feature gives the false impression that these shelves are "floating" in mid-air.

Another differential of floating shelves is that they are generally made of engineered wood, giving a more sophisticated and elegant finish.

Mounting is aided by screws, nails and/or internal brackets that secure the various racks and serve for wall mounting of the complete system.

(Video) 3 Ways to Build Floating Shelves

Like most other types of shelving, floating shelves come in a variety of different colors, sizes and styles, but while most other shelving systems are just a storage option, floating shelves also make great interior decorations.

built-in shelves22 different types of shelves for your home (2)

built-in shelvesRelatively simpler among other types of shelves, they are still very functional as they offer plenty of storage without creating a cluttered look.

As the name suggests, built-in bookshelves are “built-in” shelves in corners or empty spaces in your home. For example, bedrooms or similar spaces become built-in shelves.

This type of bookcase is the simplest of all because most of the time it is enough to install a couple of wooden boards horizontally in the wall niche and that's it!

You'll have disk space in minutes! However, for a more upscale and sophisticated look, you can buy custom shelves or order one custom to match your built-in walls.

If you really want to maximize the storage space in your home, built-in shelves are the way to go.

They can be placed in a variety of locations such as alcoves, in the alcove next to a fireplace or hearth, above or below hanging wall cabinets, or in any small open space that doesn't make a lot of sense.

This shelving system is limited because its dimensions cannot exceed the width and depth of the hole in the wall.

They're still flexible in a way, as you can play around with different shelf sizes as long as they stay within appropriate boundaries.

You can mix and match shelves of different widths and depths and position them at different angles to transform seemingly wasted space into a feature-packed one.

If the recess is large enough, you can leave some space underneath and place furniture or a small seat for added functionality.

corner shelves22 different types of shelves for your home (3)

Many homeowners don't know this, but corner shelves are an excellent way to utilize storage space in your home.

These shelves come in a variety of styles and designs and are sometimes adjustable to accommodate different needed areas. In other cases, they can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Corner shelves can be made from plastic, metal, solid wood and laminated wood or engineered for longer life and durability.

In addition, they can be hung on the wall so you can place them next to cupboards like in the kitchen, or they can also stand on the floor so you can place them in corners like in your dressing room or coffee shop. Table to increase storage space.

Corner shelves are a smart way to organize your items in easy to reach places, turning those useless corner spaces into useful storage.

These types of shelves can be divided into two broad categories: fixed corner shelves and adjustable corner shelves. Alternatively, they can be classified by architectural style.

For example, there are curved corner shelves, angled corner shelves, angled corner shelves and swivel corner shelves. Below is a brief description of each type of corner shelf.

Right angle corner shelf

The right angle shelf or a 90 degree shelf is the simplest type of corner shelf. It is simply done by connecting two shelves or racks (of equal or different lengths) at right angles to each other.

This vertical mount is very popular because it is the cheapest type.corner storage. In addition, it is very easy to create, which means that you can conveniently build it for yourself.

curved corner shelf

22 different types of shelves for your home (4)

Create a hard-to-reach area at the back. You can use curved corner shelves in your pantry to increase storage space, in kitchen cabinets to stack extra dishes, and next to your cupboard for stylish decor.

angular corner shelf

22 different types of shelves for your home (5)

This type of corner shelf is somewhat similar to the curved corner shelf, but it differs in that angled shelves have a sharp, well-defined cut to the shelves, as opposed to curved shelves, which have a smooth, smooth curve.

They are usually shaped like an isosceles triangle, which means that the two front corners form a 45-degree angle, while the back angle is 90 degrees, allowing the overall frame to fit into an outer and inner corner.

However, you can also find corner shelves with more asymmetrical angles if you prefer eccentricity in your interior design.

pivoting corner shelf

22 different types of shelves for your home (6)

Whoever first came up with the idea of ​​a revolving corner shelf certainly deserves a big round of applause. This smart design is undoubtedly the best way to make the most of every inch of that space in corners or between two large accessories.

These corner shelves consist of a turntable or rotating surface which is quite similar to a lazy susan design as it contains shelves that can rotate on an immovable base.

However, these shelves are usually not sold as individual units, but are part of a larger set of rotating shelves or a bulky shelving system with a rotating shelf in the corner.

The unit is usually divided into four parts and can be manually rotated to face different sections.

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hanging shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (7)

Hanging shelves are another way to store and display your items in a unique way. Needless to say, these types of shelves hang from a high surface like this.Hereitself or even from the bottom of a cabinet or other unit installed at a certain height.

Many people choose to install hanging shelves with clear glass doors in the kitchen (or above the kitchen island) to add some extravagance as well as increase storage space.

These types of shelves are also commonly used in classrooms and garages to house specific items that would otherwise be scattered and messy.

For example,books, magazines, stationery and other tools can be stored in an easily accessible place if you have a clothes rail in your home.

Please note, however, that hanging shelves should not be mounted on light colored walls. You need to think carefully about the maximum load that a hanging shelf can support and ensure that the load limit is never exceeded.

independent shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (8)

Unlike most types of bookshelves discussed above, which must be mounted or attached to a surface in one way or another, freestanding bookshelves do not need to be attached to a wall. As the name suggests, these storage units are ready to use right out of the box.

These shelves are often an open storage option, but in certain cases they can also come with doors to hide items or drawers where you hide private things.

Depending on usage and availability, you can also get a freestanding shelf with open and closed storage compartments.

Not only are they highly functional, but they also look super modern as you can proudly display decorative accessories and other similar items to enhance the look of your space.

What makes freestanding shelving the most desirable storage option is the fact that these units are very flexible in terms of usage and placement. Are you planning to buy a bigger desk and need to free up space in your office?

Have your kids grown up and no longer need the big shelf to store all their toys? Wheeled or not, you can easily move a freestanding shelf from room to room as it is completely portable.

Freestanding shelves are available in a variety of materials, designs, styles, shapes and sizes. Examples of freestanding shelving are cube shelving, bookshelves, small cabinets, etc.

No matter what your needs are, rest assured that you will easily find a freestanding shelf that fits your taste and needs.

adjustable shelves

Shelves with adjustable grooves are a storage system consisting of vertical rails, brackets and the shelf itself. As you might have guessed from the name, this type of shelf is one of the most flexible storage options available to homeowners.

It comes in the form of a kit that includes all the necessary parts so you can assemble it yourself.

First, vertical studs must be driven into the wall at a certain distance so that shelves can be placed in the middle. After fixing these rails to the wall, the brackets are inserted into the appropriate slots.

Rails have holes or slots into which brackets are inserted or attached. These supports have an inverted “L” shape, similar to fixed support shelves.

In fact, you can think of adjustable slotted shelves as a subcategory of fixed support shelves. While shelves on a fixed support system cannot be installed, shelves with adjustable slots can be slid up or down the rails as needed.

Height-adjustable shelves are usually made of lightweight metal, but wood paneling is also available. However, the brackets and rails are made from steel or aluminum for strength and durability.

Different designers and manufacturers offer shelves with adjustable slots in different styles and sizes so you can find one that fits your needs. Note, however, that their parts are generally not interchangeable.

These shelving systems are best suited for garages, as the ability to add, remove or move individual shelves allows for great flexibility in storing items such as toolboxes, gardening tools and similar household items.

While not typically used in bedrooms and the like, you can install them if you prefer.

Shelves with adjustable compartments are an easy, hassle-free way to keep your items organized and stable on easily adjustable shelves.

pull-out shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (9)

Pull-out shelves are a relatively lesser-known storage option, though they're not exactly new. Extendable shelves refer to a shelf or rack installed with slides mounted on either side.

They are typically installed in a cabinet, table or other shelving system rather than being used independently. You can think of a regular drawer as a type of pull-out shelf, although many pull-out shelves consist of just a flat sliding surface with no side panels.

For example, the sliding portion of an office desk that houses the keyboard and mouse is also a pull-out shelf.

Retractable shelves fall into several categories based on their construction and purpose, some of which are discussed below.

Pull out the bottom of the cabinet

22 different types of shelves for your home (10)


22 different types of shelves for your home (11)

This type of traditional pull-out shelf is not only the most economical of all options, it is also very discreet. A standard pull-out shelf can be used in many locations where temporary storage space is needed.

For example, you can install one under an existing counter, table or shelf where it can remain hidden, pull it out and slide it back in when needed.

ladder shelf

22 different types of shelves for your home (12)

Sometimes the space under the stairs is wasted. One solution is to create shelves under the stairs, or in the example above create stairs with shelves. It's a cool look.


wooden shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (13)

Wood is by far the most popular and widely used material when it comes to living room shelving systems. The reason for this enormous fame is that wood is a durable material and also offers a refined and sumptuous look unmatched by any other material.

Furthermore, wood can be combined with other materials or processed in different ways to meet the needs of different shelving systems.

For example, chipboard is known for its strong, hard surface with a clean finish.plywoodIt is prized as a cheaper option, while solid pine is known for its majestic beauty and sturdiness.

Wood-based materials are increasingly sought after for their properties, including longer service life and attractive appearance.

Wooden shelves are not common in bookshelves, but are also used in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and just about anywhere in the house.

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22 different types of shelves for your home (14)

WhileGlasregaleNot as durable as wooden shelves, their visual appeal makes them such a popular material for home shelving systems.

Glass shelves are a common accessory in modern bathrooms, as they are the ideal option to support light loads and give a bright and refined touch.

However, you can also use glass shelves in living rooms, for examplequartoto place various ornaments and small vases to decorate the interiors of your home.

Steel and metal shelves

Steel and metal shelving provide strong and strong shelving units that are much easier to clean and maintain compared to wood and glass shelving.

They withstand high loads and are therefore typically used in commercial offices and kitchens, as well as in retail stores and warehouses. In an average home, one or two steel shelves in the kitchen can be used to store heavy pots and pans.

On the other hand, compared to steel shelves, metal shelves are more commonly seen in different places in the house.

For example, sleek and ornate metal shelves look very modern in living rooms, while adjustable metal shelves are a familiar sight in garages, warehouses and laundry rooms.

plastic shelves

While different types of wood and sometimes even metal are preferred for large and small shelving systems, plastic is often found in children's bedroom storage furniture, as well as various room dividers, storage, and organizational units.

Plastic shelving can be used for specific purposes throughout the home such as: B. as shoe storage,small bookcaseor magazine racks and things like that.


22 different types of shelves for your home (15)

Fabric shelves are usually hung over a door or in a closet. They are an efficient way to store clothes, but they can hold other items as well.


bedroom shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (16)

Who says you only need shelves for the study? Shelving systems are also needed in bedrooms for many reasons.

You need a place to store certain accessories, such as a clock, books and magazines, and other decorative items to decorate your room and give it a more personal and homely touch.

There are a wide variety of bedroom shelves to choose from. The most used shelves for the bedroom are freestanding shelvesgift, wall mountedopen shelves, floating shelves in different styles, as well as bedside shelves and much more.

When choosing your retreat, consider important factors such as the size of the room, what you intend to use the bookcase for and whether the design and material will complement your decor.

Bathroom cabinets and shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (17)

Another great way to add tons of style and functionality to your bedroom is to opt for bathroom and/or closet shelving. Closet shelves refer to special shelves that fit inside a closet or can be adjusted to specific dimensions.

(Video) 20 AMAZON Home Organization Items You Need That WORK 2023 / Whole House Organization Ideas

These shelves can also be divided into multiple compartments for storing small items such as jewelry, handbags, wristwatches and other accessories.

Similarly, bathroom shelves are used to store daily necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and the like.

A typical bathroom shelf is installed under or next to the wall mirror, but if this is not enough or you need more space to store items like fresh towels, you can opt for different bathroom shelves according to your taste and needs.

Open shelving and modern bathrooms go hand in hand. So if you want to create an inspiring bathroom, don't forget to add a big shelf (or more).

kitchen shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (18)

No kitchen is complete without the right furniture and enough storage space. While cabinets and cupboards are definitely the first thing to consider for this purpose, a good shelving system can also help take design and functionality to an entirely different level.

Contemporarykitchen designsThey have clearly switched to using open storage racks. Elegant, elongated shelves that cover a significant part of a wall are becoming more and more integratedmodern kitchens.

These kitchen shelves not only maximize the available space, but also add a lot of light to the room. Why hide all those beautiful crockery and crockery in locked cupboards when you can also use them as a stylish interior decoration?

Many open kitchen shelves also have hooks and nails at the bottom for you to hang pots and pans or other knick-knacks to transform your kitchen into a contemporary space with character.

Other kitchen shelves includedcorner shelves, hanging shelves and wall shelves as mentioned above.

pantry shelves

22 different types of shelves for your home (19)

Pantry shelves usually refer to pull-out shelves that look like drawers. However, extendable pantry shelves are often more open for better visibility and easier access to different foods.

Do you often remember groceries you bought once and after rummaging through the entire kitchen, you find them in a corner of the pantry and realize they are already expired?

If this is a common occurrence in your home, consider installing proper pantry shelving.

Pantry shelves keep cans, bottles, sauce packets, cereal boxes and other groceries in plain view and don't sit idly in the back of the pantry, only to perish because you forgot to use them on time.

A removable pantry shelf means all items are neatly stacked and nothing is hidden in the back. These shelves usually have serrated handles or edges so you can easily slide the shelves in and out.

Other types of pantry shelves include swivel accessories and door shelves, as well as freestanding and sliding units that can be placed in small, empty spaces such as a bedroom. B. between a refrigerator and a kitchen counter.

Addresses the main types of bookshelves that will help you choose the best one for your home.

Happy hunting!

See all the storage ideas for your home here.

common questions

What wood for the shelves?

The best wood for shelves is birch, pine or oak. These are the most commonly used types of wood. If you choose pine, be aware that while it is affordable, it is likely to crack or become knotted.

Are floating shelves strong?

Yes, floating shelves can be strong and durable. If they are sturdy, they can carry 100 pounds or more. It is important that you mount them to poles or wall blocks to ensure they can support maximum weight.

Do I need shelf inserts?

You don't have to use shelf liners, but they will help protect your shelves. They protect shelves from water rings and stains.

You can also protect them from oil and other liquids that can stain. A shelf liner helps keep your shelves in the best possible shape.

Do the shelves have to go in studs?

Shelves do not need to be mounted on brackets; However, using a screw is the best method for hanging a shelf. It ensures that you have the sturdiest frame.

If you can't find the screw, you can use drywall anchors to secure your shelf.

Can shelves be placed in an apartment?

Is it possible to install shelves in an apartment. There are many ways to install shelves in a rented apartment.

However, you should check your tenancy agreement to ensure you have permission to do so. It may be necessary to remove the shelves and plug the holes before cleaning them.

Can you hang shelves on drywall?

Yes, you can hang shelves on drywall, especially ½ thick drywall. As long as you use brackets and install the shelves correctly, they will support a lot of weight.

Can you hang shelves on drywall?

Yes, you can hang shelves on drywall because they have rivets. You want to use brackets and drill them right into the studs.

Do shelves count as furniture?

Yes, in general shelves are considered mobile as they are not permanent. Anything that isn't permanently attached to your home and can be moved is furniture.

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