13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (2023)

Updating your vanity can add tons of style and personality to your bathroom. Transform your powder room with fresh paint, hardware, countertops and more for a new look without replacing the entire unit. These before and after bathroom furniture makeovers offer stylish ideas for a DIY update.

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Before: Dated bathroom vanity

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (1)

This bathroom wasurgently in need of renovation🇧🇷 Upgrading the existing powder room allowed homeowners to leverage their renovation budgetReplace the bathtub with a walk-in shower🇧🇷 The old vanity just needed some basic updates to give it a more modern look.

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After: Ancient meets modern

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (2)

All that was needed for this inexpensive bathroom vanity makeover was paint and new hardware. A matte black coat of paint modernizes the wooden case and provides a striking backdrop for the gleaming brass knobs. Antique-looking hardware complements brackets on floating shelves and a new brass faucet built into the antique sink.

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Before: Dresser Bland Oak

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (3)

This oak dressing table with a plain polished marble top was in excellent condition but the look was very neutral. The plain wood finish and hardware didn't match the owner's playful and creative personality. A few cosmetic changes have given the old unit a bold new style.

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After: Unique makeup

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (4)

Normalsoft blue color layerand new hardware on the vanity, the bathroom instantly looks brighter. around the washbasin,Make your own wall panelscreates architectural interest. An intricate black mirror and a pair of custom colored sconces make this bathroom even more special.

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Before: nothing but neutral

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (5)

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This builder level powder room was uninviting to guests. Its simple wooden cabinets and cream countertops blend harmoniously with the neutral tones that surround the space. ONEDIY dressing table makeoverhelped him stand out in the remodeled bathroom.

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After: Selected bathroom vanity

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (6)

A coat of rich navy blue adds an eye-catching pop of color to the powder room. A new granite countertop integratedneutral tones in the bathroomwithout stepping into the background. Black knobs and knobs give the vanity a modern dark-on-dark feel.

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Before: Basic builder's dressing table

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (7)

This construction level bathroom had the basics of a functional space. However, its features, including the plain white dresser, were more boring than pretty. The laminate vanity was in good condition but a style freak overdid it.

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After: Refined touches

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (8)

Painting this vanity black added some drama and was only $20 a gallon of paint. A Carrara marble countertop with prominent dark veins conveys a sophisticated feel. The game's former central faucet has been replaced with a wide look, and new hardware continues the room's classic silhouettes.

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Before: Minor remodeling mishap

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (9)

When these homeowners attempted to replace the vanity top, they found that their home had settled and the bathroom surface remained uneven. They had to think outside the box to achieve this makeover with a perfectly flat surface. The solution was simpler than you think.

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After: clean and classic

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (10)

To get the perfect 90 degree angle for their new vanity, the owners carved drywall into the corner of the vanity so the surface lay flat. They sealed the area with a thin layer of silicone. ONEcool gray paint, new cabinet hardware and a new faucet complete the powder room remodel.

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Before: untapped potential

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (11)

Sometimes a bathroom cabinet just needs a little extra color and personality. Instead of using a sledgehammer on this type of private powder room, the homeowner was able to salvage it with a little DIY. A simple bathroom renovation gave the room a fresh look.

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After: Turquoise dressing table

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (12)

The light turquoise finish gives the oak dressing table a playful touch of colour. The satin finish latex paint is durable and gives the vanity a beautiful sheen without looking too shiny. The existing white marble countertop and brushed nickel faucet looked good enough to keep during the renovation. New hardware adds a final touch of shine.

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Before: simple double dressing table

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (13)

This dresser was functional but lacked style or customization. The simple double vanity for builders featured a plain white countertop that provided a sharp contrast to the dark wood paneling underneath. A stunning vanity makeover has transformed this unit into a unique bathroom focal point.

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After: Rustic bathroom upgrade

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (14)

Repurposing the existing powder room hasn't stopped the homeowners from creating a stylish update. A grayscale granite countertop with bold veining complements the new vintage-style satin nickel fixtures. ONEWooden plank wall treatmentand brass goblet knobs add a rustic patina to the mix of industrial and vintage styles.

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Before: functional but flat

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (15)

blogger Brittany Baileyvery helpful girlhave updated their kids bathroom to give it a more welcoming look. But after renovating the rest of the room, the bland powder room didn't quite go with the theme. This handyman used simple tricks to renovate a builder's powder room on a budget.

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After: gray lacquered dressing table

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (16)

Once the unit was sanded, only two coats of double paint and primer were required to finish the vanity in a beautiful grey. A liberal application (about three to five coats) of a clear polyacrylic top coat will keep the surface protected. Brushed nickel knobs further enhance the existing vanity.

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Before: outdated and obscure

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (17)

With old-fashioned lightbulbs above a dark wood vanity, this bathroom felt heavy and drab. The vanity needed a lighter look to match the planned beach theme of the bathroom.Work on a tight budget, these homeowners got creative with a DIY makeover that served as a starting point for the rest of the bathroom.

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After: illuminated dressing table

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (18)

New accessories, bow feet and doorsequipped with reed stripsDisguise the existing vanity. The whole piece was washed upwhite lacquer coat, instantly illuminates the room. A high-arched faucet with lever handles provides a sleek look, while two handles on the previously empty center wall reinforce the vanity's new cabinet-like appearance.

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Before: clear, but very white

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (19)

The pink and white palette in this bathroom was vibrant but too flashy. Their simple vanity tops weren't too flashy either. The introduction of neutral colors and added textures helped transform this space into a relaxing oasis.

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After: Neutral bathroom vanity

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (20)

Apply layers of rich brown colors, stains and enamelsthe little white dresseran aged look. Sanding the edges of each cabinet piece adds a rustic, distressed feel. Glittering crystal knobs reinforce the look of antique furniture.

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Before: Bathroom vanity from the 1970s

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (21)

While the '70s had their heyday, great bathroom design wasn't one of them. This powder room hadn't been updated in decades, but it had the potential for a whole new personality. Fresh paint and an updated countertop helped bring this powder room into the current decade.

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After: smart cover-up

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (22)

A paint kit was used to give the antique laminate vanitythe appearance of black granite🇧🇷 In just two days, the homeowner covered the sink and surrounding areas, primed, added two coats of stone paint for texture, sanded and sealed the vanity. Water-based clear milk paint refreshes pine cabinets, and satin nickel spray paint refreshes existing hardware.

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Before: Outdated and weird

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (23)

The space in this bathroom was good, but the finishes were dirty and mismatched. The dresser needed a new polish to get it looking its best again. These homeowners worked with the powder room and created a new space with lots of color.

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After: bold and beautiful makeup

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (24)

The marble vanity top was in good condition so it stayed but the rest of the vanity wascovered with fresh white paint🇧🇷 A brand new faucet and chrome wall lamp add a touch of glamour. Bold black and white stripes surround the small space to make a big style statement.

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Before: nothing special

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (25)

This room lacked the wow factor that the owners wanted. The bathroom was perfectly functional but the plain, plain design was uninteresting. A vanity makeover helped bring a new personality to this space.

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After: Upgraded and sleek half bathroom

13 Before and After Makeovers You Must See (26)

Glossy black color helps the vanity stand out, and new hardware modernizes the piece. Tonal stripes add depth to the rectangular space and blend in with the existing countertop and tiled floor. Black accents throughout the space complete the sophisticated new look.


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